Get Mooving Outdoors

The Get Mooving Outdoors initiative has been created with the vision of encouraging people to get outdoors and soak up the benefits of being in nature.

The initiative was developed by Greater Shepparton City Council’s Active Living Department and provides a variety of activities and ideas for residents and visitors of Greater Shepparton to utilise.

The benefits of simply being outside can have a positive effect on mental and physical health.

Benefits include:

  • A boost in your energy levels
  • Helps to ease anxiety, depression and fatigue
  • Boosts your immune system
  • Enhances your creativity
  • Provides Vitamin D naturally
  • Improves focus and short term memory
  • Reduces your stress levels
  • Can lower blood pressure

Wellness Cards

Download and Print out these Wellness Cards for daily activities ideas to help you Get Mooving Outdoors. 

Whether you are looking to unwind, catch up with friends, or find some time to get a few extra jobs done, you'll be amazed at the creative ways you can Get Mooving Outdoors and get a daily nature dose. 

Outdoor Activity Ideas

We've got some great downloadable resources for the whole family to help you Get Mooving Outdoors.

If you are looking for more activities you can try at home or in your local park check out our Activities in Iso videos which have loads of fun and easy activities, projects and workouts. 

Get Mooving Outdoors Daily Planner

Do you take your regular breaks? Are you struggling to switch off from work and in turn work too much?

Looking after yourself is important now more than ever since working in different situations. Being outside is a great way to feel better and can help clear your mind when you need a break.

Try writing down daily goals and use the daily planner to plan your nature dose and healthy eating habits each day.

Click here to see how to use the planner

From Inside to Outside

Many of the things we do indoors everyday can be done outdoors.
Try moving some of your daily exercise activities outdoors to get benefits such as higher energy levels and improved mood.
Moving some of our day-to-day activities outdoors is a quick and simple way of getting a daily nature dose.

Daily Activities you can take outdoors are:

  • Reading
  • Eating
  • Making phone calls
  • Listening to or playing music
  • Family Time
  • Exercise
  • Meetings
  • Painting
  • Photography
  • Mindfulness Colouring In

Some days during winter time outdoors is much harder to achieve everyday! How do you get the benefits of being outdoors when it’s too cold or wet? Finding a spot in front of a window where you have a nice view and can get sunshine during the day can help. Another effective way of bringing the Outdoors Inside is by having indoor plants, they are bright and cheery and can also help to improve air quality.

Outdoor Projects

Think of some things you’d like to get done around your house or what you’d like to try and create and see if you can do them outside. Some ideas you could try are:

Social Connections

We want you to get involved with other people in our community via social media using the hashtag #GetMooving. Let people know what your favourite walking tracks are, or some of your favourite places to visit around Greater Shepparton. You could let people know where your favourite flowers grow. Show off your photography skills and post some of your nature shots. These could be a sunset or sunrise, different plants, animals, gardens, walking tracks and places around town.