Live Nature Wise #NaturePact

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People and Parks Foundation: Stay Outdoors and Get Connected

The People and Parks Foundation wants everyone to experience the health and wellbeing benefits of connection in nature each and every day.

We’re calling on everyone, young or old, near or far, to make a #NaturePact and commit to a daily Nature Dose for a month – that’s 30 minutes in nature a day, every day for 30 days. Make your pact here!

What is a #NaturePact ?

Easy – it’s you, in nature, noticing nature. Whatever you’re doing – at work, rest, play or commute – take it outside, stay connected in nature.

Take a walk and notice your neighbours’ plants, street trees, birds, the local park. It’s amazing where you’ll notice nature.

Next step?

Take it outside, stay connected in nature! Your mind and body will thank you.

Healthy Humans Need Healthy Habitats.

The People and Parks Foundation educates, inspires and supports people to realise that it is in our own health and wellbeing interest to connect with and better care for nature.

The People and Parks Foundation recognise that as people we are all a part of nature, not apart, and our natural environment connects and affects us all.  Acknowledging that Traditional Owners have long understood and practiced this wisdom, often expressed by the saying that ‘when we care for Country, Country cares for us.’

 The People and Parks Foundation have developed a multi-faceted initiative called Live Nature Wise.  Live Nature Wise aims to connect people to nature for health and wellbeing outcomes and – to ensure the reciprocity needed for sustainability – to support people to better value and care for nature.

The World Health Organisation (WHO) recognises the unique value nature-based interventions offer, particularly for disadvantaged groups, stating:

“Interventions to increase or improve urban green space can deliver positive health, social and environmental outcomes for all population groups, particularly among lower socioeconomic status groups.

 “There are very few, if any, other public health interventions that can achieve all of this, and especially the impact on active lifestyles, mental wellbeing and social interaction as frequently highlighted as a key benefit.”  WHO, Urban Green Space and Health – Intervention impacts and effectiveness, 2017

Live Nature Wise is intended to operate on individual, community and structural levels to address health and wellbeing, including loneliness and social isolation.  Live Nature Wise provides both a sense and means of connection to something larger than each and all of us – our natural environment.