Shepparton Culture Kitchens

The Shepparton Culture Kitchens is an exciting project supported by Multicultural Arts Victoria and Greater Shepparton City Council to explore the diverse food cultures of Shepparton’s diaspora communities and the vital role they play in addressing significant issues of health inequity and disadvantage facing the region.

A Creative Team has been established comprising women from culturally diverse, Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander backgrounds who are creative thinkers, good communicators, well connected to their community, and who are passionate and knowledgeable about traditional food culture/s.

The Creative Team is led by Singaporean-Eurasian artist Jamie Lewis and will design a range of unique interactive food-sourcing, cooking, and eating experiences and public events for the whole community.

Community storytelling and non - Western knowledge is at the heart of this project that will offer diverse communities the opportunity to respond to issues of health inequity, to reconnect with their mother cultures, and build and diversify local knowledge around food cultures and healthy eating.

This project is supported by VicHealth, Multicultural Arts Victoria, POD Studio and Greater Shepparton City Council. 

Shepparton Culture Kitchen Watch Party