Get Active Victoria

Get Active Victoria is a Year Round Initiative encouraging all Victorians to Get Active everyday.

Get Active Victoria is free to join, and gives you access to a huge resource of tips and tools for being more physically active. You won’t need any fancy gear and expensive equipment to try the guided videos or activity ideas. Get Active Victoria can also help with motivation, bringing together a goal-setting tool and an activity tracker on your own personal dashboard. Get Active Victoria has something for everyone. Join the movement, today.

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Use the online Activity Tracker to log your daily activity and track your progress. You can create and join teams with friends, family, work colleagues or school groups and track your progress.

There are workouts for everyday of the week that you can follow along from your home or on your phone.

Check out the Featured Workouts

Greater Shepparton has fantastic walking paths and exercise facilities including outdoor fitness equipment in Western Park, Victoria Park Lake making it easy to do 30 minutes of exercise each day.

Download the Walk in Greater Shepparton Guide