VicHealth's H30 Challenge

This 30 day challenge is all about drinking more water and feeling better for it – a small change in return for big health benefits. We know that switching to water, even for a short time, can lower your health risks and kick start weight loss.

Additionally, you can save lots of money; did you know buying a 600ml bottle of soft drink every day for a year will cost over $1,600? You can find out how much money you’ll save and reward yourself.

The aim of the challenge is to build better habits, with water becoming the drink of choice over time.

The rules are simple: switch from sugary drinks to water for 30 days and reap the rewards. It’s not a fad diet and it costs nothing to take part.

Signing up is easy and you can start whenever suits you.

All you have to do is commit to switching sugary drinks for water for 30 days and we’ll help with the rest. We’ll keep you on track with a personalised dashboard displaying how many kilojoules, teaspoons of sugar and cash you’ve saved since starting the challenge. You’ll receive email updates, text messages, tips, tools and helpful advice throughout the 30 days.

To sign up or for more information, go to the H30 Challenge website and challenge yourself today to find out how easy it is to feel better in just 30 days.