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Get Mooving to School

Download our printable "Walk to School" cards!

Walk to School Cards - Edition 1

Walk to School Cards - Edition 2

Greater Shepparton children and families are encouraged to start the year on the right foot by taking part in VicHealth’s Walk to School Program and the Bicycle Network's Ride2School program.

These initiatives aim to encourage primary-school students across Victoria to walk, ride or scoot to and from school as often as possible.

Council is working with local primary schools to encourage more families to walk, ride or scoot to school by placing animal footprints and distance markers (2km, 1km and 500m) around local primary schools in Greater Shepparton.

Safe active travel maps, log books, activity sheets and activity cards have been developed to support children and families on their active travel adventures and discover what animals have been visiting their neighbourhood.

For those that can’t actively travel all the way, try parking the car a few blocks from school at the 2km, 1km or 500m distance marker and walk, ride or scoot the rest.

It is important to think about how we can incorporate active travel into our daily routine and avoid those single car trips. The health benefits of active travel (or combined with public transport) instead of travelling by car is well recognised. Benefits include:

  • A boost in our physical and mental health
  • We are more productive at work, at school, at home and in our community
  • We reduce the load on our health system to treat preventable illness
  • Children's independence and confidence increases as they gain road safety experience
  • More time to spend socialising with family and friends
  • Helps form healthy habits and active travel routines for life
  • Less cars on the road means reduced congestion and fewer road collisions and as a result, cleaner air and broader environmental benefits.

Walk to School and Ride2School is a free, easy and fun way for children and their families to get active and meet the recommended 60 minutes of physical activity each day – our body, mind and the environment thanks us!

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